You can't afford NOT to record.

According to a Pew tracking survey conducted throughout 2010, 84 percent of American undergraduates now own iPods or other MP3 players. The potential audience for audio textbooks has never been greater.

They'll learn. You'll earn.

The Audio Publishers Association's 2011 Sales Survey reveals that audiobook unit sales increased 10 percent over the previous year. As more Americans learn to multitask, audiobook sales will continue to grow.

The long and the short of it ... we tell to sell.

While Texts In Audio is known for its book-length projects, we also produce great-sounding commercials and voiceover work fast and affordably. Just call to let us know what you need.


    At Texts In Audio, we transform any type of text into 'A+' audio—crisp, clear, and compelling (or you pick the 'c'—and we'll make it be.) Our specialty is college textbooks and study guides, but we also produce customized audio for any genre: business, politics, self-help, documentary, fiction, biography, history, inspirational, training materials, voiceovers, commercials, video games—you name it. If it's in writing, we'll give it a voice and bring it to life through audio. Even if it isn't yet in writing, we're copywriters and editors, too, with over 20 years of experience in creating original scripts and crafting abridgements.

    Our narration, voiceover, and audiobook production services are among the industry's best and most affordable. Texts In Audio provides free estimates, and our pricing is transparent. We don't charge extra fees for studio time, research, pronunciation look-ups, demanding material, or copy verification. In our book, those aren't premium 'fine print' add-ons—they're standard. Many audio production companies bill separately for the various tasks required to produce audio. We make accounting and management simple. Texts In Audio charges one set price that includes every step and element needed to create high-quality audio files—from 30-second spots to 30-hour audiobooks—that sound great and engage your listeners.

    You only pay for each finished hour of audio, so no matter how long it takes us to record, edit, and deliver an hour of polished playback for your audience—that's part of our cost of doing business, not yours. We do not charge royalties for audiobook narration—once it's paid for, it's yours. Your one simple rate includes the following:



    We handpick the best voice-over talent to maximize your project's effectiveness. Need to convey academia's most sophisticated theories? Our test scores say we're smart enough. Need to move the merchandise? Our voices are powerfully persuasive. Need a little drama? Our experienced performers will step up to the mic.


    We employ high-performance techniques, leading-edge vocal booths, and the top-grade production and post-production hardware and software necessary to produce first-rate voice recordings in-house. As a result, we maintain complete control over our audiobook and voiceover production schedules.


    We're storytellers for a variety of content—and we'll make it stick. From classical macroeconomics to contemporary urban fantasy or a hard-hitting 30-second ad promoting your storewide 'crazy days' sale, we'll give your work a voice. Our narrators deliver the material with appropriate emphasis—critical with nuanced, challenging, and emotive prose. Our readers are trained to break down complex passages and add pauses and inflections that enhance the listeners' understanding so the information is memorable, more easily absorbed, and readily retrieved (good for fact-swollen textbooks or single calls-to-action).


    In our continuity and quality control phase, at least two people listen to every word recorded in order to check consistency with the text, and ensure as engaging and clear a delivery as the source material allows.


    We're true audiophiles plugged-in to creating crisp, clear, artifact-free "clean" recordings that sound great, and allow listeners to focus on the content, without distraction. We record and produce digitally with high-end gear so audio quality doesn't degrade.


    That doesn't mean we're grumpy while we work, but once again that clean audio makes us, you, and your customers happy, too. Technically, we remove distracting whistles, breaths, pops, hisses, clicks, ambient noise, and distortion. Creatively, we identify any problem areas, and re-record to ensure the message comes through as the author intended. Audio is a natural proofreader—a valuable copyediting firewall—that automatically exposes any typos, misspellings, and grammatical errors.

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